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Regular cleanings are vital to maintain a healthy periodontium and preventing gum disease. Bacterial build up in the form of plaque and tartar can cause inflammation and recession. Our goal is for your long term health and that begins with the health of your gums. Annette, our hygienist, is known for being thorough, yet very gentle, come and see if we don’t surprise you with how pleasant you cleaning can be.

Clenching or grinding can be a contributing factor to excessive tooth wear and jaw pain. Night guards may be necessary to prevent further wear or to protect your crowns, bridges, or veneers from chipping or braking. Many different materials are available to best soot your needs.

We provide great options if you have dental anxiety. We understand the importance of not being stressed to come see us. We offer nitrous-oxide “laughing gas” or oral sedatives (you will need someone to drive you). Please let us know how we can help, if it is just simply the sound of the drill we also have noise cancelling headphones tuned to your favorite music.

We are here to help when you have dental emergencies or pain. We will make our best effort see you that same day. Please call us and see what we can do to help you.

Sometimes extractions are necessary. We offer various options to help with any nervousness you might be feeling from nitrous-oxide “laughing gas” to oral sedation.

We provide the highest quality in materials and techniques to restore your tooth to look and feel like new. We provide fillings when tooth decay happens or for your esthetic needs.

Having a strong foundation is key, the health of our gums and underlining bone is the foundation for great dental health. Depending on your need and if you have moderate to severe periodontal disease we can help you regain a stable and health periodontium (gums).

If you suffer from pain in jaw we can help. For the majority of individuals this is cause by muscles associated with the temporomandibular joint or derangement joint it’s self. We offer conservative treatments to help improve or eliminate your discomfort.

Wisdom teeth may erupt normally or they may erupt abnormally or be impacted leading to pain or potential infections in the surrounding tissue. We can screen for any risk and answer any question you might have concerning wisdom teeth and we offer wisdom teeth removal as well.

We provide kind and gentle children’s cleanings, fillings, and crowns. We screen for any current or future orthodontic needs.

Depending on your need we provide various types of mouth guards, from a traditional night guard to protect against wear while you sleep to sports guards great for active teens.

Teeth can become infected and require a root canal treatment where with modern equipment and the latest in technique we remove the infection and prevent tooth loss.

Sealant are a great way to prevent likely future cavities in kids. If, your child has the signs of the beginnings of cavities than this might be a great option, saving you time and money down the road.

Our goal is for you to leave loving your smile. With the most up to date methods and materials, we offer beautifully natural looking fillings, crowns or veneers.

Bonding is a great way to improve or eliminate sensitive areas that can form. Our bonding will look like your natural tooth and dramatically improve your sensitivity.

Bridges are great options when tooth loss leaves you with a gap. We use the neighboring teeth as support and excellent materials to restore your missing tooth functionally and esthetically.

If your tooth has decay, cracks or fractures, we offer the latest and highest quality materials to restore strength and beauty to your tooth.

Dentures can be beautiful and functional. If you have a few missing teeth to many we can help with a custom made to your mouth denture. We take the time need to provide a denture you can be happy to use.

We now use Opalescence! A great product proven to whiten quickly and with an active ingredient that minimizes tooth sensitivity. We have custom kits with trays made specifically for your mouth with two different strengths available 15% and 35% in carbamide peroxide. We also have convenient single use trays 15% hydrogen peroxide. Both great options for brightening up your beautiful smile.

Custom dentures supported by implants can dramatically improve your smile and quality of life. The support from the implants gives the denture increase stability and retention allowing you to chew with greater confidence and force. You custom denture will give you the smile you used to have or always wanted. Implant-supported dentures come in options fixed and removable, truly an amazing technology in dentistry

For replacing a missing tooth, no option is more popular than a custom implant crown or bridge. Implant crowns feel the most like a natural teeth, which patients love and appreciate. With the latest in technology, healing time is a fraction of what it was restoring your smile even faster than ever.

No Insurance? No Problem!

Our patients come first at our dental clinic in Carson City which is why we have payment options available even if you do not carry insurance.  If you do have insurance, our dental clinic works with all major insurance carriers to make your experience as affordable as possible.

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